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The online climbing community

Our Climbstar app enables you to record your climbing, see your progress and keep in touch with your friends and the worldwide climbing community in a fun, motivating environment.

Global Community

Follow friends and top climbers from all over the world

Route and locations

Free to all users

In depth training*

Hone your skills with videos timers and more.

Detailed Gym Info

Includes indoor route logging, route changes and times.

Advanced Route Statistics*

See the routes you want to climb and plot your ascent.

Events Calendar

See climbing competitions from around the world.

In depth user created statistics

Both outdoor and indoor. Outdoor includes best date and temperature to climb the routes, plus rock types and more.

Creating a community that can help each other

With a massive community of climbers, we hope to help each other individually to become better at the sport we love. Not only that, but we hope to bring people together to create something special.

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